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  • 1.  Humans in the Laboratory

    Posted 08-19-2023 13:33

    Sometimes it seems as the general public do not understand how those important tests results get to their doctor.  The results just seems to be there... or not there.  Everyone needs them but few know about the people who work hard to produce some of the most important information possible on a daily basis.  How does it happen?

    Medical technologists, technicians, pathologists, cytologists, phlebotomists, lab assistants........or more simply Humans. is sponsoring a facebook page where these humans share there diverse stories of their Lives.  How they got to be where they are, how they feel about it, where they are going, or simply a story about their journey.

    Check it out at 

    They would like to hear your story.  If you would like to share how you got be where you are or just something about being a Human in the lab, email at

    Darryl Elzie Administrative Laboratory Director
    Smithfield VA